segunda-feira, 27 de outubro de 2008

For the purpose of this page, definitions are as follows:

CD Keys: Any "code" or serial number provided to allow "access" or "unlock" software.

Cheats: Any action or command, usually "built in" by software developers to ease development tasks (as in "GOD" mode).

Cracks: Any utility, program, device, or other means used to "work around" or circumvent copy protection. Another would be any utility, program, device, or modified executable used to "adjust" any game to make things easier or a modification to defeat piracy techniques.

Crackers: The "Bad Guys" in the computer world.

And the wonderful:

"ANTI"-(hacks, cracks, cheats, passwords, keys, codes): Any of the above that does the opposite of "the bad stuff." For example - kick "crackers" off servers, spam spammers, Multiplayer crack detection, etc. I have also heard every "really, I will use it for the good" excuse possible. Do not even bother.

I do not care if you feel cheating or cracking is a "good" thing. Do as you wish. I am not out to stop you. It is your choice. I choose to play games as they were intended. Just do not ask me for help!